OCR is a bipartisan, non-denominational, gender-inclusive organization that works to defend all forms of First Amendment-protected speech.
We Shall Overcome Censorship Injustice

Statement of Online Universal Civil Rights

  1. Free speech is a necessary component of a free society.
    A diversity of voices, views and opinions is required for free societies and free elections to function.
  2. All people have the right to exist online, if they so choose.
    The politically motivated de-platforming of certain individuals or organizations because of the partisan nature of their speech is a violation of their civil rights.
  3. All people have the right to participate in online public speech, if they so choose.
    The shadow-banning, de-listing and blacklisting of speech content from individuals due to the content of their speech is a violation of basic civil rights and human rights.
  4. All people have the right to engage in commerce
    The targeting of independent media journalists, bloggers, publishers or websites for advertising blacklisting or other forms of economic sabotage is torturous interference in their right to engage in commerce.
  5. All people have the right to defend themselves against online accusations.
    The targeting of individuals with slander and defamatory content, especially through anonymous content aggregators such as Wikipedia, is deceitful and denies the accused an ability to face their accusers or defend themselves against false accusations. The blacklisting and censorship of individuals who are targeted with false accusations destroys their ability to defend themselves against slander.
  6. All people have the right to be "forgotten" (i.e. removed from search results) if they so choose.
    The right to privacy for individuals who assert such rights is superior to the financial interests of tech giants to display results of content posted about those individuals. Every citizen of the world has both an inherent right to participate in online speech (if they so choose) as well as a right to opt out of online speech by giving notice to the tech giants. This is called "the right to be forgotten, and it is inherent to the right to privacy.
  7. Those who seek to suppress these rights are violating the fundamental civil rights of human beings.
    Any organization or individual who engages in politically-motivated censorship, defamation, de-platforming or otherwise maliciously interfering with the individual right to participate in online speech (for First Amendment-protected speech, which excludes speech calling for acts of violence) is violating human rights and civil rights.

OnlineCivilRights.org's Mission

Our mission is to:

  1. Expose the "bad faith" censorship and dangerous dishonesty of the tech giants.
  2. Explain the extreme danger posed to democracy and humanity at large by Big Tech's assaults on the freedom to think, speak or write.
  3. Empower lawmakers and regulators to take action to end the censorship of Big Tech and dismantle those organizations that refuse to comply.
  4. Protect and defend free speech rights for all, including those with unpopular, dissenting or "offensive" views.
  5. Encourage the diverse expression of free speech from all walks of life.
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